Worms for fishing - fresh and wriggly live bait


Fishing HookDendrobaena worms are rapidly being recognised as the worm to use as live fishing bait. Fishermen can appreciate their hardiness as they are tougher that any other worm and can survive longer even in the coldest of waters.


The Dendrobaena worm is light-sensitive and wiggles around frantically, thus attracting fish and landing you your day’s catch. 100% of fishing enjoyment guaranteed.


Our worms are considerably larger than most of our competitors. Your worms come fresh, direct from the breeder, rather than suffering uneccessary handling and extended storage.


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Worms for fresh live fish bait


Live bait in our wormery box


Our Wormery Box can be used to store your worms near to the house for easy access.







Care Checklist

Dendrobaena worms as live bait for fishing:

  • Always keep worms cool and away from strong heat.
  • If storing in a container for longer than a few days, you must make sure they are kept moist and stored at 40C.
  • If you wish to keep your worms happy and healthy, put them in a larger suitable container, and you can feed them kitchen scraps – a worm can eat anything that has lived and died.

Composting Worms

Logo: Scottish WormsOur compost worms will eat anything that has lived and died, eating up to half their body weight in waste - ideal for home composting.


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Live Bait

Logo: Scottish WormsDendrobaena worms are rapidly being recognised as the worm to use as live bait for fishing.


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Wildlife Food

Logo: Scottish WormsPerfect live food for birds and other wildlife, and a natural source of protein, our live worms will help to attract new and varied types of wildlife to your garden.


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Worm Food

Logo: Scottish WormsOur worm food is specially formulated for your worms, with ground grain and the correct minerals and vitamins added to help your worms thrive.


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Logo: Scottish WormsMade from wood our wormeries have been carefully designed by us to be most effective and suitable to our Dendrobaena worms needs.


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