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Composting Worms

Logo: Scottish WormsOur compost worms will eat anything that has lived and died, eating up to half their body weight in waste - ideal for home composting.


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Live Bait

Logo: Scottish WormsDendrobaena worms are rapidly being recognised as the worm to use as live bait for fishing.


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Wildlife Food

Logo: Scottish WormsPerfect live food for birds and other wildlife, and a natural source of protein, our live worms will help to attract new and varied types of wildlife to your garden.


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Worm Food

Logo: Scottish WormsOur worm food is specially formulated for your worms, with ground grain and the correct minerals and vitamins added to help your worms thrive.


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Logo: Scottish WormsMade from wood our wormeries have been carefully designed by us to be most effective and suitable to our Dendrobaena worms needs.


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