Wormeries for composting household waste

Composting worms


If you are interested in composting your everyday household waste then one of our worm compost bins would be most suitable. Made from wood they have been carefully designed by us to be most effective and suitable to our Dendrobaena worms needs. Our wormeries require no assembly. Because worms are always working, there should be virtually no odours as found in other composting bins.


A worm compost binThe wormeries should be kept outside ideally as the airflow is increased. As worm activity is dependent on the temperature, you can take simple steps to ensure they are never too hot or too cold. For example in the hottest mid-summer sun you can move it next to a wall or shed where it is shaded therefore cooler. In extreme winter freezing conditions your wormery would be best put inside a garden shed or garage. Please be careful when lifting your wormery as soil is heavy.


Your compost bin requires 1Kg of worms per cubic metre of soil (this is approx 1600 to 2000 worms).


Visit our compost worms page to learn more about home composting, or buy worms online, fresh and direct from the breeder.




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Composting Worms

Logo: Scottish WormsOur compost worms will eat anything that has lived and died, eating up to half their body weight in waste - ideal for home composting.


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Live Bait

Logo: Scottish WormsDendrobaena worms are rapidly being recognised as the worm to use as live bait for fishing.


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Wildlife Food

Logo: Scottish WormsPerfect live food for birds and other wildlife, and a natural source of protein, our live worms will help to attract new and varied types of wildlife to your garden.


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Worm Food

Logo: Scottish WormsOur worm food is specially formulated for your worms, with ground grain and the correct minerals and vitamins added to help your worms thrive.


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Logo: Scottish WormsMade from wood our wormeries have been carefully designed by us to be most effective and suitable to our Dendrobaena worms needs.


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